Flavor Burst®: Multi-Flavor Soft Serve Systems

Flavor Burst - Soft Serve Ice Cream Flavor Dispenser Equipment in Florida
Enjoy all the benefits of our standard 8-flavor Flavor Burst® system in a new, compact design. The FB 80D unit works with your existing freezer to expand your soft serve menu with a wide variety of flavors.


“Put Flavor First… with Flavor Burst.”

You can even combine flavors within each serving for even more colorful, great-tasting product. Just select the flavors from the keypad and draw your serving to create mouth-watering treats in just seconds!

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Flavor Burst®

Model FB 80 D

The new cabinet houses all 8 flavor trays and still has room for the sanitizer tank for easy access and storage. Even the electronics box conveniently attaches to the side of your freezer. With new cabinet design options, eye-catching products, and tongue-tantalizing flavors, Flavor Burst® is a great fit for your business!

Flavor Burst®

Soft Serve Ice Cream Flavor Dispenser

Release your imagination with the science of engineering to maximize floor space with a revolutionary add-on that produces a wide variety of flavors from a single freezer… and combine flavors with ease.

Choose from over 40 ready-made flavors for Flavor Burst soft serve ice cream flavor dispenser injector equipment and frozen beverage systems, plus the ability to combine flavors within a single serving for hundreds of possibilities! “Put flavor first… with Flavor Burst.”

Flavor Burst®

Base Products

Flavor Burst systems work with most popular base products commonly used in soft serve and frozen drink programs, therefore most of our concepts or programs do not require a special base product. However, the Java Latte frozen coffee program and Nice Ice slush programs do require special base products specifically formulated to provide maximum flavor impact and help maintain product consistency. Base products for these programs are available from Taylor Freezer Sales

Flavor Burst®

Touch Screen Models

Some Flavor Burst models are now available in a Touch Screen format. More models will be added later. The Touch Screen gives the user extra capabilities while making the machines easier to use. To find more information about some of the benefits of using a Touch Screen when compared with the standard keypad models, contact us.