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Emerald Coast Coffee

    Please accept this letter as a long overdue thank you for all the help and assistance you have given Emerald Coast Coffee since its inception. You continually reach beyond the call of duty to help or to rectify unexpected circumstances that may arise. You always portray a professional demeanor no matter how difficult the situation. As a problem solver, you work diligently to remedy dilemmas with unsurpassed sensitivity, patience and speed. You do all these things without missing a beat as you continue to pursue both short term and long term goals unattainable to many others in similar circumstances. Your calm approach to calamities that arise beyond your arena of control is certainly one of your greatest strengths. Issues are systematically and carefully resolved. Furthermore, you possess an extensive knowledge base that is both helpful and useful beyond description. Your experience with coffee, espresso and related products can only be recognized as an extraordinary asset for your company as it seeks to expand in related areas. Thank you again for all your efforts directed to Emerald Coast Coffee specifically, and for your tireless voluntary counsel.

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